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3D Studio Max - Car Paints - Paint Techniques : Raytrace paint and Falloff maps
Add another Falloff mapStarting with the Simple Red Car Paint Material from the previous section we will add more complexity to the Falloff maps for a more dramatic paint effect. Add another Falloff map to the Front Colour slot as shown.

We will now define this new Falloff material as follows:

Extra Falloff LayerWe now define the 2 new Colours. The Front Colour is a yellow (255,246,0) and the Side Colour is a red (225,49,49). Leave the Falloff type at the default Perpendicular.

Rendering with the above settings will give us:

Simple Falloff effect for Car Paint Material
Simple Car Paint Raytrace Material using different Falloff Colours

Now we add yet more complexity by adding a Smoke map to the Falloff channel of the Front Colour as shown below:

Add Smoke map to Paint
Add Smoke map to Front Colour slot on the Falloff Map

This will add a little irregular colouring to the paint, making it less CG. Experiment with these colours to see other effects. Setup the Smoke with following values:

Smoke setup values

Set the size to 0.1 (This will depend on the scale of your scene, or effect you are looking for).

Set Color #1 to an Orange (213,145,0) and Color#2 to a Yellow (255,233,0).

Rendering with this new Smoke layer will give us:

Car Paint with Falloff and Smoke
Simple Car Paint Raytrace Material using different Falloff Colours and Smoke

This produces a very subtle but effective way of breaking up the very regular colour facing us, making it less obviously CG. In many cases this will be overkill, but it is very convincing for close-ups. Close up below clearly shows the effect:

Smoke effect on Car Paint
Close-up, showing Smoke effect

Rendering the above simple raytrace with falloff material setup on the Schnorbill model gives the result shown below.

Simple Raytrace Paint on the model

Adding the metallic effect outlined in the previous chapter gives us this - shown close-up:

Close-up of Falloff Car Paint material