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Ford Anglia 105E
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RetroFord : Project Anglebusa

The dream of Ben Morley, Editor of Retro Ford. Still in construction but being prepared to exacting standards to accept a hayabusa motorcycle engine ! Track prepared and caged. Trailer arched. Seats, 9.5" Image Alloys and tyres selected. Ben has his race prepared shell, pile of parts and ideas. Seeing the standard Anglia model he asked if he could have a render done to his specs.

This is the RESULT

To follow the development, check out the running build diary in Retro Ford magazine.

Retro Ford Anglia Wallpapers (1280 x 960 ~100kb) :

Retro Ford Anglia Wallpaper      Retro Ford Anglia Wallpaper

Project Anglebusa
Front view of Project Anglebusa

Retro Ford - Project Anglebusa side on
Side view of Project Anglebusa

retro Ford Anglia Hayabusa
Project Annglebusa by the coast