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Mental Ray and 3ds Max

3ds Max LogoCheck out the 3D Tutorials section for lots of tips and tricks with using Mental Ray in Autodesk 3ds Max. View the 3DS Max Tutorials section

Mental Ray Car Paint

3ds Max LogoCheck out the 3DS Max Mental Ray Paint Techniques section for a detailed description in using all the parameters of Mental Ray's mr_carpaint shader.

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Genesis DalekNSD Dalek
H.M.S. Nelson Battleship
Case Tractor 3D modelEdwardian House 3D model renders
Amiga A1200 renders
3DS Max fireplace modelFREE Sydney style bridge
  • The Legendary X-Pack MK2 RS2000, modified for the Burton Power 2016 catalogue.

  • Custom Wide-body F32 4 Series M Sport - click to view

  • The legendary Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 : Start of a new model

  • BMW F32 4 Series Coupe M-Sport - click to view

  • Jaguar XFR-S : Work in Progress, 3D creation, renders - click to view

  • Taking design cues from the previous Capris and retaining the retro-look long bonnet coupe looks.

  • Ford's latest RS. Modern FWD power. In standard colours, RS500 Matt Black and non-standard colours.

  • Client renderings for Wavemaster Design - fast boat design.

  • The Genesis version of the Doctor's old enemy. Classisc 1970s Dalek.

  • The Legendary Escort MK2 as flat-front MEXICO and RS1800, RS2000 drrop snoot and GP5 Zakspeed.

  • Big gunned capital warship from world war II. Unique triple turrets carrying heavy 16" guns.

  • BMW E92 M3. With deep dish multi-spokes and unique colours.

  • Edwardian House render. A little bit of old skool architectural and interior rendering.

  • Classic Ford small car as featured in the Harry Potter films.

  • Case MX120 Maxxum Tractor - old model re-rendered.

  • Colloid Formation and Migration Experiemnt - scientific illustrations.

3D Cars - modelled in AUTODESK 3ds Max (from 3ds Max version 2.5 to 2015)

Created over the years using Autodesk's 3ds Max software these car models started with mainly Ford classics (Ford Escort RS MK1, Ford Escort RS MKII, Ford Capri RS MK1, Ford Lotus Cortina MK1, Ford Anglia 105E), the E92 BMW M3 and the prototype Capri MK IV. Click on any image to see dedicated pages.

Ford Escort MK1Ford Escort MK2
Ford Focus RS MK2Ford Capri MK1
Ford AngliaFord Cortina
BMW E92 3 SeriesFord Capri MK IV
Jaguar XFR-SBMW F32 4 Series Coupe
BMW F32 Wide Body CustomSierra RS Cosworth
Mazda Speed3VW Crafter VanPorsche 935 low poly
Jaguar S-TypeFord Focus RSFord Sport Ka
3D Miscellaneous CGI - Assorted models and scenes in 3D

This section contains many earlier or test models and renders along with miscellaneous one-off models. Click on any image to read more or see the full list here.

Genesis DalekNew Series DaleksCase Maxxun 120 Tractor
HMS NelsonEdwardian HouseAmiga A1200 renders
3D Tutorials - Tips, tricks, step-by-step guides and files to download.

The 3D Tutorials section contains many step-by-step guides with support files and scenes and covers many areas from modelling to render techniques. The tutorials cover Alloy Wheel creation, simple low-poly tyre modelling, mr Paint techniques, Mental Ray production shaders, Mental Ray metals, Ambient Occlusion and rounded corners, caustics. See the full 3DS Max Tutorials list here.

Mental Ray Production Shaders - 3ds Max tutorial
Mental Ray Production Shaders

The new set of Mental Ray Production Shaders in 3DS Max enables a whole set of features to help with compositing 3D models into images/environments.

Follow the full step-by-step guide to create an example scene - includes all the textures and maps required for a simple example scene.

The BMW M3 in the image shown on the left was added to a 3d scene using the Mental Ray Production Shaders, along with a backplate image and a 360 degree HDRI. The full setup for this car scene is fully explained, including all the support files (backplates and HDRI) required to render the scene.

BBS Alloy - 3ds Max tutorial

Full step-by-step and guide to show how to create both the BBS Alloy on the left and the classic RS Alloy on the right in 3D. These step-by-step modelling guides show each step in building the alloy wheel, and the basic approach can be used to create any regular alloy wheel.

Follow on with the Simple Tyre Tutorial - showing how to create a low-poly tyre model. Again the methods shown can be used to create almost any tread pattern.

Headlight Texture - 3ds Max Tutorial
Simple Headlight modelling and textures

This Simple Headlight tutorial outlines how to make a quick and simple round headlight using 3D Studio Max 7/7.5 and mental Ray - although it should be perfectly possible to use later versions.

The second part outlines 2 methods for texturing the light lens with refracting, bump-mapped glass. It explains a method for texturing the chrome and the light lense, for the bump/refraction effect with the Architectural shader - and now Mental Ray.

Mental Ray Paints - 3ds Max tutorialPaint Techniques Explore different methods of creating paint textures - from sinple paint, metallic paint and silver paints. This multi-part tutorial also covers basic lighting setup and investigates ways to mimic HDRI reflections using LDR JPGs. Uses standard materials and also outlines tips and tricks with the mr Car Paint texture.

Brake Disc - 3ds Max tutorialBrake Texture This Tutorial shows how to quickly create a simple vented Brake disk texture - complete with all texture maps (silver and brass) and simple model scene file.

Mental Ray Production Shaders - 3ds Max tutorial
Iray Renderer Tutorials

Explore the iray renderer that ships free with 3ds Studio Max. Background info and setup instructions that follow on to creating a 3d car scene. Coming soon